I graduated Purdue University in December of 2014 majoring in Computer Graphics Technology (CGT) and specializing in web development. The CGT program teaches its students how to use graphics in various fields such as web development, graphic design, 3D modeling, virtual product integration, and many others. I studied HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript/jQuery, Ajax, SQL, and a little C#/


Current Employment

DelMar Software Development

I currently work for DelMar, a software company specializing in data-driven applications. DelMar is a great company with a lot of experience. Web apps, Windows apps, and mobile apps. We do it all. Take a look at our website to see if DelMar is the right fit for your project.

The following projects are projects that I've worked on at DelMar.


Eventlink is the one spot stop for teachers, fans, and officials. It provides all the tools for school event planning. For example, an athletic director signs up and adds all his/her team's schedules. Once the events are entered, fans will be able to access the schedule. The athletic director can then assign officials to the games. Officials can sign in and accept the game. They can even get paid! All through If you're a fan, check to see if your favorite school is an Eventlink subscriber!



BeeCheck is a mobile app to keep track of your beehives. After you submit your hives, they will show up on the DriftWatch website where field applicators can check to see if its safe to spray. It is just one of the many products by FieldWatch, Inc. to help improve communication between crop producers, beekeepers, and pesticide applicators.


Past Projects

Tipping Points and Indicators

In 2015, I worked on a Purdue University project called Tipping Points and Indicators. The website helps users create a plan to preserve or improve the conditions of a particular watershed. I've added many features to the existing site to enhance the user experience. The major features are the guided help system, dynamic action strategy icons, a notes section, and making the site responsive.

The biggest improvement I am proud of is changing the design of the website to be similar to Esri Story Maps. They told me to write code to make our website navigate like story maps. Not only is it a cool feature but it allows the site to take advantage of the full web browser window to make the most out of the maps. It also makes the page feel smoother and helps tell a story. Please check out the site. Not only is it fun but you might just end up saving your watershed. I have worked on many aspects of Tipping Points but this contribution has been proven to be the most significant. Everyone that looks at it who is familiar with the old site is blown away at the transformation. For now, you can view this video below showing what the old Tipping Points looked like before you go to the new site and see the redesign.

Guided Help System

In the video below, I show an example of the guided help system that I implemented using the open source JavaScript plug-in called Intro.js. Although a seemingly simple implementation, I had to customize Intro.js to do exactly what we envisioned. I created a way to have multiple tours on the same page. I also customized it so the window would not scroll during certain parts of the tour like the map in the video below. I added Intro.js to 23 pages throughout the site.

Dynamic Action Strategy Icons

In this feature, I select over 500 records from the mySQL database using PHP and Ajax and display the corresponding text when the user clicks on an icon. I use jQuery for the fade-in/fade-out and border change effects. This feature allows the user to see exactly how the action will effect a certain characteristic of their community. It's incredibly helpful for the users of this site. There is an example in the video below.

Notes Section

There are about 25 steps in the website's process. The notes section allows the user to take a note for each step. The note is saved to the mySQL database using PHP and Ajax. All the animations are handled with jQuery. In the video below, I make a note, change it, and refresh the page to show that it is saved.

Recommended TV Shows

Recommended TV Shows was a school project I made with the purpose of exploring jQuery functions. The website which is inspired by some of my favorite TV shows features a slideshow display, hovering thumbnail images, a fixed sliding sidebar, and show/hide divs to make it a one page site (no reloading).



Shootin' Hoops

Shootin' Hoops is another school project where the professor urged us to try something new. I chose to create a game, without any knowledge of how to make one. Shootin' Hoops uses jQuery functions to create animations necessary to play the game. It needs some tuning up, but it was a fun experiment.

Give it a try!